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The images are listed in albums appropriately named for each decade, beginning with the 1960's in "Days of Future Passed". 
This allows you to browse through the images from a particular decade.  These albums contain images from both negatives
and slides.
Digital Images have their own album and this has separate categories for appropriate areas.
The Nameplates category contains images from all three types of media, negative, slide and digital. The images have been
arranged by locomotive classes.
The Portrait Gallery contains images that have been taken in portrait format. Other than containing all those awkward
upright images there is no organising of these files.
The software has an excellent search facility which is very easy to use by entering a simple description of what you are 
looking for in the 'Search' box and clicking on 'Enter'. You can be more specific and enter the year or a loco number or
perhaps a location for the search. The search can be restricted to particular albums or galleries by selecting the appropriate
one from the 'Categories' list.
You can select the order in which the images are displayed from the 'Sort By' menu which can be found at the top left of 
the album pages. As an example selecting 'Media System Name' and 'ASC' will display the images in ascending numerical order.
However this will not work properly for pre TOPS numbers which start with 'D' or 'E'.
The number of images displayed per page can also be selected from the drop down list which can be found to the top right of 
the page. Once selected the 'Media Quick Jump' selection box will appear which enables you to move quickly from page to page.
Selecting 'Turn On Media Preview' enables you to view a large image by scrolling the cursor over the thumbnail image.
The 'Advanced Search' facility allows you to be more specific with your search. The 'Keyword' must contain a minimum of two 
characters and can be a single word or a longer description. You can further refine the search from the 'Search Option' by
selecting one of the options from the list. The most selective option is 'Match The Exact Phrase' which will only return results
which exactly match your input.
When viewed each image will show a list of keywords and by clicking on one of these will display thumbnails from the entire 
website with matching keywords. The keywords will also give some indication of what you might need to enter for a specific
Standard BR Blue can be found by entering RB, and Large Logo Blue by entering BR. Most non standard liveries can be found 
by entering ODD in the keyword selection.
With all pre TOPS images I have included the later TOPS number in the keywords, and similarly with TOPS images the pre TOPS 
numbers have been included. Therefore when you are searching for a particular loco the images returned will include both the
pre TOPS and TOPS images when these are available. Also when a locomotive has been re-numbered more than once then
images of all identities will be found. The search will also include loco nameplates when these are available.
Advanced Search Advanced Search
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